Best Stocks to Invest 2014

Top Ten Best Stocks to Invest in India

Top Ten Stocks to Buy in India

How do select a stock to invest to get Multibagger profits, Stock Selection in Stock Market is not a easy job. Thousands of companies listed and available for trading and investment. Retail investors have no chance to made best investment without Fundamental Research and Technical Analysis. This post provides a short list of “Top Ten Stocks” to invest for 2011 and 2012 years in India. This post provides list of stocks and sector based on fundamental equity research reports, but reports data can’t provide here for lot of stocks.

Following table provides Top Ten Shares, a mix of strong fundamental stocks and some high risk scrips. For example, In “Portfolio Management” large caps yield low returns with low volatile in bear market means protects capital. High risk stocks having high beta values may earn high profits in bull market means appreciation of capital. Following “Portfolio Stocks” may subject to change based on Performance of Stocks and Equity Market conditions. Investors consider the following scrips to add to Investment Portfolio. Stocks selected from Small and Mid caps.

Stocks data update every month to choose Best Top Ten Stocks. Following stocks selected based on various Company News and Equity Research reports.

Top ten (10) stocks to invest in India in 2011
No: Name of Stock Sector Best Stocks, Why?
1 NTPC Power Low risk low return, Shock absorber to portfolio in volatile markets.
2 Patel Engineering Infrastructure One of the fundamental pick with lot of subsidiaries and Business model can add value to Money.
3 SEL Manufacturing Textiles High risk scrip with low price earning, May turns Multibagger, single risk to this counter is high interest expenditure.
4 NDTV Media One of the top Media scrip with growth potentials.
5 SBI Banking Leading nationalized bank with sufficient capitalized.
6 HDIL Realty High risk and High return scrip, can zoom in bull market with high beta value.
7 Hindustan Unilever Limited FMCG Leading Consumer player. Highest population and Purchasing capacity can maintains company profits. FMCG sector is shock absorber when markets fall.
8 Torrent Pharmaceuticals Limited Pharma Now a days need of new drugs is necessary.
9 Reliance Broadcast Media Major expansion plans on card to place in one of the top broadcaster.
10 Career Point Info Education and Training Education is a Fast growing sector and lot of space available for future developments.